Shaken, Not Stirred, in a Deep Champagne Goblet

It can be relatively easy. You get in. You get out. Call it a routine.

Getting to work had become just that, a routine. Even the Martinis weren’t Shaken, Not Stirred, anymore.

In Skyfall Bond is literally torn and twisted. Gone. Long gone.

The sheer presence and deep engagement of M on the screen is defining for 007. A mentor, a coach, a friend. In the end the person that just so happened to be there when he really needed it.

Bond lost his Flow, but M simply believed and made sure he got back in the trenches, doing what he does best. Bond, James Bond.

One morning I changed offices and work stopped being a routine. It wasn’t the new gigs that really did it for me, but rather the journey to get there.

I pulled up a chair. Put my hands into the water to feel the stream. The winds of change blowing high.

As I took a deep breath I suddenly realized, I had it inside of me all this time, I just had to be.

Shaken, Not Stirred. In a deep champagne goblet.

Have you ever felt out of Flow? How did you get back in?


  1. I’m a strong believer that when we shake things up… new office, different roads on the way to work, coffee from a new shop, dinner with a different set of friends… we shake ourselves out of our rut and spark our leadership mojo once again. Love your James Bond leadership lessons!!!

    • Thanks for your thoughts Alli ! Choosing the easy road is never an option in the long-run. I do my best to shake things up everyday !

      Keeps the Martini and Champagne Goblet fresh to use !



  2. Johann, Sometimes just changing our physical setting, changes our mind and attitude. Shaken, not stirred…..I like it.

    • Thanks Dan. Good point. When I moved offices I was told this one will bring you luck… it did !

      I’m also surrounded with the best colleagues ever. I can not ask for more ! The creative juices are flowing !



  3. Jane Perdue says:

    Getting shaken and stirred is a key ingredient for staying fresh as a person/leader in my view! Usually doesn’t feel good at all at the time yet the longterm payoffs are huge.

    • Thanks for your comments Jane !

      Living the shaken not stirred promise daily has become a living leadership journal !

      Look forward to pursue our discussion, and co-create together.

      Take care,


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