James Bond Leadership Series: Unleashing Personal Energy


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This post is part of an ongoing series on infectious connections inspired by the book entitled “Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within” from the internationally acclaimed author Achim Nowak.

The purpose of this series is two-fold: 1) To create a space on the present website for world-class unstoppable infectious connections to occur; and, 2) To engage in resonant conversations to help unleash personal energy to contribute to reinventing the new HR, leadership and talent landscape.

“It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.” (Tweet This) – Johann Gauthier

Please fasten your seat-belt and turn down all cellular phones and other electronic devices.  We will soon be departing for an unknown destination.  There will be turbulence in the air.  You may feel at times out of your comfort zone beyond what may appear as reasonable for you to manage.

If you have read the security manual correctly the quality of your flight will be closely reliant on your capacity to leave your identity at the door.  To accept all circumstances and events that will occur as a natural unfolding of the universe for you to act like a remarkable and unstoppable doormat.

Start some kind of music and dance around.  Read, engage in conversations, see people and visit nice places preferably on the beach and in the forest for the calm and peace they bring.

Friends come over every Friday to enjoy a delicious Martini.  There is laughter and lots of joy.  You are content and happy.  Living an outstanding and fulfilling life.

When people engage in small talk they live many incredible small but meaningless moments.  A collection of gems and diamonds often captured in fake smiles, photos and sounds.  A culture of joy and a happiness recipe when mixed over and over again makes for a perfect life.

“We communicate at a furious pace, yet we connect less and less.” (Achim Nowak, Infectious, page xiv)

We live joyfully but yet we don’t really live an inspired life.

True resonant connections “spark the imagination” as Achim Nowak would say.


Photo credit: Tumblr

There are no ready-made recipes for fostering resonant, infectious and visceral experiences.  In his book “Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within” the internationally acclaimed author Achim Nowak offers is a comprehensive approach to help resonant leaders “act like” and unleash energy.

In the business world there is a need to focus on tangibles and results.  This infectious thing is not measurable so why invest time and energy in something that is wishy-washy?

You’ve heard this before that leadership is a relationship.   Now there’s talk about infectious connections.  Hard to follow and grasp.

We all have heard this, that serial innovation isn’t possible in the absence of that intangible unstoppable variable: “people”.

People management and excellence is a corporate-wide responsibility.

For all leaders to engage in infectious connections and own and drive their performance and talent discussions.

To engage in resonant connections:

  • Talk less;
  • Own your own power and intent, “act more like”;
  • Show up, be alert and aware with a clear purpose;
  • Unleash your vibrating energy; and,
  • Viscerally impact others.

In the next James Bond Leadership post we will pursue our musing on the interconnected Infectious model developed by Achim Nowak.

We will cover basic concepts such as why and how great leaders inhibit infectious connections.

Drawing on Achim Nowak’s book we will offer some concrete and tangible advice on how to unlock energy blocks and unleash the energetic leader in you.

All for now.

Johann Gauthier

“No longer secretly conspiring to be happy.”


Photo credit: Tumblr


  1. This should be an interesting ride. Do I hope in the plane or the car? That’s the difficult choice. The plane will get me there quicker, but with the car I’ll enjoy the journey more. Hmmm.

    I’m infected.

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