Leadership Gold: Your Leadership Journey by @TShnall #GlobalConnectors


The September Authentic Leadership Dallas lunch meeting will focus your leadership journey. We will meet on September 23, 11:45 am to 1:00 pm, at the Renaissance Dallas Richardson Hotel. Please RSV…

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Amazing post by my good friend Tal Shnall on the power of true leadership which: 1) begins with you; 2) is a behaviour; 3) leads by example; 4) assumes personal responsibility for growth; and, 5) celebrates others. Thank you Tal for bringing such clarity to how leaders can optimize their abilities to truly lead form the heart and serve.

Your friend, Johann

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Global Rockstars Community Launch – Time to Move the Needle

Concept 1A2

Concept 1A2


“Playfulness leads to better creative solutions” (Tweet This), from Johann Gauthier

On behalf of the Core Leadership Team and the Global Council of Senior Leaders, I am very pleased and excited to announce the launch of your Global Rockstars Community.

After careful consideration and planning the time has come to move the needle.

This shift elevates our Community to a people WE-centric level by letting go of the H (in the former HRockstars designation) to focus more broadly on people at the heart of playful reinvention.

Our community will empower leaders to sustain peak human performance, with playfulness leading to better creative solutions.

The Global Rockstars Community will contribute to significantly reinventing the leadership and talent landscape by supporting new discourses on:

1) global workplaces, founded on places of work; and,

2) playful reinvention, founded on leaders’ ability to live fully integrated lives and play; viewing life and work as part of a continuum of meaningful flow experiences.


  • Thriving organizations celebrating and optimizing leaders’ ability to be in flow and sustain high performance.
  • Leaders’ collection of meaningful flow experiences leading to peak human performance.

Additional announcements

In the coming weeks, additional announcements will be made to support this new direction, including the launch of a website and rebranding of the Community’s other social media platforms.

A new twitter hashtag will also be announced.

Thank you sincerely for your ongoing support and relentless pursuit of caring and loving humanity.


On behalf of the Global Rockstars Community Core Leadership Team and Global Council of Senior Leaders

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Living the Mystery


Working premises of new places to work:

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In this post I speak to some emerging new working premises for global workplaces, or places of work, including:

Montreal ExposEverything connectsYour storyYour voiceYour playfulnessYour ability to express your gifts and thriveYour genuinenessYour ability to express love

Playfulness leads to better creative solutions.

Play more, thrive more!

All for now.


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A World Gone Social – like yeah! #Leadership #SocialMedia


Social media has turned the industry upside down.

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Social media has turned the economy upside down. Today, businesses can foster significant value through sheer investment of time and energy. But what does going social really mean?

In this post, you’ll read about going deeper within to engage in real conversations by making ourselves extremely vulnerable. Social media is profoundly impacting how we view work.  I leave you with a few questions to ponder within the post. If you are interested in joining unique conversational spaces on the future of work with inspired thought leaders, let me know by replying to the present post. I am here to help and serve contributing to your unbelievable growth.

Warm blessings,


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Lead with your heart from @GauthierJohann #HRockstars


When I lead with my heart…

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When we lead with our hearts, we create bliss for ourselves and others. We nurture a creative and discovery space to transform our relationships by connecting deeper within.

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Why tree hugging is the new #leadership from @GauthierJohann #HRockstars


Picture yourself giving a giant bear hug to a tree on the Columbia University campus in #NewYork.

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You must be kidding me, right?


Well, perhaps the time has come for you to act like your best child!


Do it!



Tribe Leader and Founder, #HRockstars


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Rockstars Speaker Series ~ David Burkus, Author of the Myths of Creativity #HRockstars

Amazing TV show with David Burkus @DavidBurkus and Elena Iacono @4epicom. We covered much ground with David on his book The Myths of Creativity: – What inspi…

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Amazing TV show with David Burkus @DavidBurkus and Elena Iacono @4epicomm. We covered much ground with David on his book The Myths of Creativity:

- What inspired him to write it;
- His perspective on how leaders should view creativity;
- How best to unleash creativity in global workplaces;
- His recent experiences of speaking at Microsoft and Google; and,
- Practical tips to empower all leaders to sustain creativity daily.

Thank you David and Elena!

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Once upon a time from @GauthierJohann to @TShnall #HRockstars


I love you man.

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I feel blessed by life.

I met this guy from Dallas.

His name is Tal Shnall.

The rest is history!

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How Leaders can achieve better work life balance? from @TShnall #HRockstars


In a world where more and more people find themselves working longer hours, how do leaders achieve and maintain work-life balance? It is a challenge to say the least. Every day millions of people w…

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Great post by my good friend Tal Shnall on a very hot and important topic for leaders across ALL industries. I truly love how Tal set some very convincing background and staging (i.e. broader level take) to then exploring issues further. I also appreciate the focus he brings by providing some practical easy-to-use tips for leaders to achieve a better work-life balance. I thank you Tal for taking on such a significant subject and summarizing it in a very succinct and crisp way. Bravo!

For infectious connections with Tal @Tal Shnalland myself @GauthierJohann

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The how of great brands from @TomAsacker #HRockstars


I’ve had the opportunity to work with many leading brands over the years.I’ve also watched purposeful, passionate organizations struggle for significance.I’ve seen dedicated religious leaders lose

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The author of the Business of Belief, Tom Asacker, delivers a very convincing post on what drives organizations to succeed. Inspired leadership makes it all happen! Tom speaks of the "WHY" that fuels entrepreneurial endeavors ~ giving us the curiosity, passion and resilience to excel! The “how” then pulls others in. That personal magic that connects us to the aesthetic experience. Thank you Tom for a very inspired post!

Warm blessings,


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