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I’ve had the opportunity to work with many leading brands over the years.I’ve also watched purposeful, passionate organizations struggle for significance.I’ve seen dedicated religious leaders lose


The author of the Business of Belief, Tom Asacker, delivers a very convincing post on what drives organizations to succeed. Inspired leadership makes it all happen! Tom speaks of the "WHY" that fuels entrepreneurial endeavors ~ giving us the curiosity, passion and resilience to excel! The “how” then pulls others in. That personal magic that connects us to the aesthetic experience. Thank you Tom for a very inspired post!

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We each deserve a Great Workplace #HRockstars #HumanBiz #Leadership


“I work with really good people, in a great company.” Is that something you as a worker or employee would honestly say about the place where you work, when no one from management or HR is watching


A global conversation in the making started by my friend Bill Jensen, Mr. Simplicity, in collaboration with the remarkable Sue Elliott, founder of the Law of Attraction magazine. Please join in!

Three Questions that will change your life forever! from @TShnall #HRockstars


A great question is like a master key that can open multiple doors.  A question not asked is a lost opportunity to find out a hidden path to a successful journey in your life. I remember in my earl…


My dear friend Tal Shnall delivers one of his epic post right here, right now! Tal is opening a very inspiring space with all of us by focussing on the importance of coaching these days. Here he takes us on a path of greatness… by allowing leaders to focus on key fundamental questions to unleash abundance…

I thank you Tal for your bliss, commitment and passion to allow us, leaders, to be our best, daily.

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Unstoppable Drive and Success (in the Workplace)

Outward and inward looking

James Bond Leadership

Allow the human spirit to thrive and flourish to achieve monumental success.” (Click to Tweet) from Johann Gauthier

This post is part of an ongoing James Bond Leadership Series.  The only one of its kind in the world.  The purpose of this series is to convey leadership stories through a James Bond lens.  Please scroll down to the end of the present post for a list of James Bond Leadership blog posts.

Mojave Desert

There wasn’t anything out of the ordinary with the Mojave Desert on that particular day.

A quiet day, if anything, filled with typical dust, wind blowing swirls and striking high level octane heat amidst natural beauty.

Peace, yes, in a desert-like fashion, reminiscent of a certain laissez-faire attitude drawn from effortless flow of being nurtured next to a resonant sea.


The Mojave Desert is part wonder, part dashingly mysterious.  A dry landscape cultivated by million of years of gigantic transformations with wondrous spaces simply waiting to be discovered.

The Vanquish rides the Mojave dust and swirls in wave-like form.  Dryness is somehow lifted by sheer stallion energy comparable to a tsunami reinventing the landscape forever.

The Vanquish is supercharged and delivers cutting-edge epic handling and torque.  The desert peace, clearly, no longer is.

Behind the wheel Bond wears refined black leather gloves, a Tom Ford dark blue falconer suit with orange pale sunglasses along with rich notes of sophisticated wood.

007 notices yellowish pixels dancing in thin air.  A sure sign, from the Vanquish’s fired up dashboard sensors, that Bond’s target is within reach.

007 smiles from the idea of jumping, yet again, into a relentless pursuit.  A feeling of freshness and anticipation, from never having driven through the Mojave’s mysterious maze and wonders, makes him feel whole and in the now.

For a moment there is no pursuit, no Vanquish, no dust unsettled.

Wave Riding Energy

Bond orders a Vesper Martini, his patented drink, in a champagne goblet.

MI6 reports confirm the presence of a secret hideout in the heart of the Mojave Desert.  What is believed to be  the home base of a renowned global energetic network ready to unleash unprecedented greatness out into the universe.

You are to report on duty at 2300 hours, July 14, 2014, to meet a Vanquish in the city of Paradise, Nevada.

Your mission will first consist in locating this secret hideout.

Additional information will be provided to you once this task completed.

Signed by: M, Head, MI6

Bond feels somewhat mesmerized by the lack of clarity of this MI6 memo.

He knows no dwelling and therefore quickly jumps int oVanquish delight.

The car’s silhouette, like his vision, are ready for expansion.

The moon sits sky high while Bond, smack in the middle of the driest land of all, Death Valley, channels wave riding energy.

Future of Work and Workplaces

Outward and inward looking

Many leaders and organizations find themselves in the middle of a Mojave desert, or worse, in a death valley.

Energy is always present, however, no matter how dry the land may be.

Exceptional leaders, like James Bond in Death Valley, access Vanquish warp speed by generating monumental positive emotions.

Those leaders appreciate that, beyond the actual Death Valley, lies a spirit of abundance.

Growing evidence in the field of positive psychology confirms that happiness leads to success.

In other words, happiness is in the now and not something we constantly strive for.

I believe that the more we invest in ourselves, inwardly, the more we are successful outwardly.

When I purchased my BMW 325 convertible I was really thrilled and excited.

I love the feeling of being behind the wheel with so much sparks in my hands and sheer igniting power under the hood.

Driving a  a convertible is a very indulging experience.  A very sexy one I might add!

It brings much joy inside.

When I am not driving, I nurture the wondrous spaces within.

Leadership starts and ends with ourselves.

We can entertain much discussion about reinventing work and global workplaces.

However, change can occur at warp speed in the deadliest valley of all if we channel our spirit and soul into every one of our action.

Most importantly, take the time to build real connections by going deep.

Show interest in others, be grateful and kind.

You will be energized and others will feel special and empowered.

A spirit of collaborative resonance will emerge and flourish.

What if the reinvention of work and global workplaces was a much simpler task than what we are led to believe?

Say thank you, others will care.

Listen with care, others will shine.

Allow others to shine, great endeavours will change the world.

All for now.


Flying Eagle

Tribe Leader and Founder, #HRockstars (To Join the Movement)


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#HRockstars BOUNCE from @GauthierJohann

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Outstanding leaders generate monumental positive energy and emotions for themselves and others. They are grateful, kind and BOUNCE ~ take whatever comes to them and unleash blissful transformative energy!

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#HRockstars BLISS ~ The New Purpose from @GauthierJohann

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True leadership aims to unleash purpose and greatness.  In this short vlog I emphasize the 3 core principles at the heart of true leadership: 1) Abundance (be abundant with yourself and others); 2) Purity (express yourself with purity of thoughts); and, 3) Clarity (be clear in how you are representing yourself in the here and now).  To connect with me: @GauthierJohann and To join the thriving and unstoppable #HRockstars tribe: Enjoy! Johann

The Future of Work is Pioneered by the Social CEO from @TedCoine #HumanBiz #HRockstars


In the five years it took us to research A World Gone Social, nothing came as more of a delight to me personally than the emergence of the social CEO. When the


My friend Ted Coine delivers a powerful and very convincing post on the new leadership frontier that we are now all facing.  He conveys hope and joy that social (in the #SoMe) is not only here to stay, but more importantly that when we fully embrace its promise leaders are literally thriving and foster abundance all around them.

You are a creator of abundance Ted!

Thank you for being such an inspiring leader and for bringing such clarity of purpose in the universe!

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#HRockstars BLISS ~ Inner Space from @GauthierJohann

Leadership starts and ends with you. This is your inner space. Cultivate your resonance to maintain amazing flow and foster energetic bliss. I invite you to …


HRockstars BLISS is a weekly series to help unleash the Rockstar in you!  Please join me @GauthierJohann, Tribe Leader and Founder, HRockstars, to sustain your energetic resonance and foster blissful communications.  All of us have greatness and unlimited potential within us.  I promise to inspire you to: Be in flow; Be in bliss; and Share your humanity with others!

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#HRockstars LOVE with Elena Iacono


Amazing hangout with Elena Iacono @4Epicomm!

Elena shares her passion for leadership, communications and the power of effective connections.

Ours certainly was a great connection and I am truly grateful for your bliss Elena.  Thank you!

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#HRockstars LOVE with Achim Nowak

Great hangout with @AchimNowak and @4epicomm (Elena Iacono) What a great conversation and dance with Achim and Elena! Achim provides many tips and advice to …


Absolutely delicious moment hanging out with our dearest friend @AchimNowak and our rockstar @4Epicomm Elena Iacono

Awe-inspiring literally!

- Achim provides many tips and advice to sustain infectious joyful moments in your life and in global workplaces.
- He is currently working on a book proposal entitled: "The Moment: 4 Keys to a Momentum Life"

Merci Achim et Elena for an amazing moment spent with you!

Many more to come in the now thriving unstoppable #HRockstars  


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