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Outstanding leaders generate monumental positive energy and emotions for themselves and others. They are grateful, kind and BOUNCE ~ take whatever comes to them and unleash blissful transformative energy!

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#HRockstars BLISS ~ The New Purpose from @GauthierJohann

Partagez vos vidéos avec vos amis, vos proches et le monde entier

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True leadership aims to unleash purpose and greatness.  In this short vlog I emphasize the 3 core principles at the heart of true leadership: 1) Abundance (be abundant with yourself and others); 2) Purity (express yourself with purity of thoughts); and, 3) Clarity (be clear in how you are representing yourself in the here and now).  To connect with me: @GauthierJohann and http://www.nothingbutexcellence.net. To join the thriving and unstoppable #HRockstars tribe: https://plus.google.com/communities/111166240740728636143 Enjoy! Johann

The Future of Work is Pioneered by the Social CEO from @TedCoine #HumanBiz #HRockstars


In the five years it took us to research A World Gone Social, nothing came as more of a delight to me personally than the emergence of the social CEO. When the

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My friend Ted Coine delivers a powerful and very convincing post on the new leadership frontier that we are now all facing.  He conveys hope and joy that social (in the #SoMe) is not only here to stay, but more importantly that when we fully embrace its promise leaders are literally thriving and foster abundance all around them.

You are a creator of abundance Ted!

Thank you for being such an inspiring leader and for bringing such clarity of purpose in the universe!

Warm blessings,


#HRockstars BLISS ~ Inner Space from @GauthierJohann

Leadership starts and ends with you. This is your inner space. Cultivate your resonance to maintain amazing flow and foster energetic bliss. I invite you to …

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HRockstars BLISS is a weekly series to help unleash the Rockstar in you!  Please join me @GauthierJohann, Tribe Leader and Founder, HRockstars, to sustain your energetic resonance and foster blissful communications.  All of us have greatness and unlimited potential within us.  I promise to inspire you to: Be in flow; Be in bliss; and Share your humanity with others!

Warm blessings all,


#HRockstars LOVE with Elena Iacono

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Amazing hangout with Elena Iacono @4Epicomm!

Elena shares her passion for leadership, communications and the power of effective connections.

Ours certainly was a great connection and I am truly grateful for your bliss Elena.  Thank you!

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#HRockstars LOVE with Achim Nowak

Great hangout with @AchimNowak and @4epicomm (Elena Iacono) What a great conversation and dance with Achim and Elena! Achim provides many tips and advice to …

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Absolutely delicious moment hanging out with our dearest friend @AchimNowak and our rockstar @4Epicomm Elena Iacono

Awe-inspiring literally!

- Achim provides many tips and advice to sustain infectious joyful moments in your life and in global workplaces.
- He is currently working on a book proposal entitled: "The Moment: 4 Keys to a Momentum Life"

Merci Achim et Elena for an amazing moment spent with you!

Many more to come in the now thriving unstoppable #HRockstars  


Be in Joy (in your Workplace) #HRockstars

Your gifts

Your gifts

- “Express your humanity and unleash your gifts and greatness out into the universe.” (Click to Tweet) from Johann Gauthier

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You have been hired by a new thriving and unstoppable loving business as field anthropologist.

During the hiring process you were somehow struck by some proposed interview questions:

  • What is your favourite song to sing out loud in your car?
  • How do you dance with leaves and trees?

Additional questions led to more confusion:

  • What does unconditional love mean for you?
  • Is happiness a choice or faith?

The interview guide also specified that answers were to be integrated within a short documentary, posted on Youtube and shared in a thriving online community to garner feedback and comments.

You heard of this gig and place to work through some friends.  Some called it the craziest organization to work for with weird online hiring processes and off-the-wall anthropological discovery missions to express inner spaciousness and unleash human potential.

Some other friends engaged in other kinds of relationships with all of this craziness.

They spontaneously chose to:

  • Answer interview questions and engage in infectious connections;
  • Express their humanity and unleash their gifts and greatness out into the universe;
  • Sing out loud with their team members while on discovery missions; and,
  • Dance and co-create bliss with the sea, the sky, the mountains, but most importantly with people, everywhere they went, in celebration of life’s diversity.

The sharing of all of these stories with you led to some massive gigantic confusion within you.

You were taught by your parents and relatives that in order to be happy you had to land a stable job after completing advanced studies.  That job was the essential ingredient for you to live a happy life and generate sustainable income to: buy a home; get married; have kids and a dog; buy a sports-car; live a white picket fence life; etc.

Your parents  also taught you to trust your instincts and be in flow.  When you took time off from school to travel around the world for one year  the value-system that your parents nicely built was seriously tested.  Your pitch was to engage in some wave riding leadership.

A collection of gems and diamonds, both planned and spontaneous life experiences shared with other individuals, was to contribute to transforming you.

Your dad first smiled back at you in response to your bliss.  Your mother didn’t share the same enthusiasm.

Because individuals are born to be free and thrive your parents kindly supported your choice to travel, oh! yes, around the globe.  Perhaps they were somewhat envious that you could live and be free while they would continue to go through some motions daily to sustain their stable and happy life.

Perhaps they saw themselves in you hugely and simply appreciated your space.

After one year of awe-inspiring life thrilling experiences it was time for you to return home, as the Tao Te Ching says.

While on your global tour you developed new leadership skills and competencies:

  • Appreciating your inner space and what makes you alive and be present in this universe;
  • Actively listening for people to feel heard and validated at all times; and,
  • Engaging in infectious connections with others to help channel and unleash greatness and potential within you, with and in others.

While sifting through your collection of joyful moments you spontaneously landed on this song recorded  with others in Lake Tahoe, overlooking the majestic Sierra Nevada.

Things started out simply.

People gathered around a campfire self-organized on the beach.  Perhaps it was the sparkles dancing in thin air or perhaps it was simply the moment.

No one could have predicted nor planned  this evening for how it came to be.

But when blissful hearts and souls join in to co-create magic naturally happens.


With the starlight evening still very young a song was created, recorded, danced and song out loud by joyful spirits coming alive and embracing the moment fully.

This diamond gathering and song got you back reading interview instructions.  Those ones that you so kindly left behind on your desk, more than one year ago, still nicely waiting for you.  After some initial search to confirm whether the instructions were still accurate, to your amazement, additional references were added in the now revised  interview guide, reading as follows:

Asset qualifications: extensive(*) traveling experience around the globe and engaging with individuals across cultures.

*Extensive is defined as representing at least one year or more of enriching travel experience.

From all of your wave riding experiences you suddenly realized that, all of this time, the opportunity was there waiting for you.  Perhaps the universe was speaking to you then as it was now.

You remembered why fear was so prevalent in you and why your father smiled back at you, even if both of you never spoke openly about it.

Your renaissance as a human being started when you started being alive with yourself.

Now you find yourself in this crazy global workplace, sitting back and smiling, just like your father did with you, keeping your chin up, as he would say.

Listening to your Youtube pitch you kindly offered for the world’s enjoyment, that helped you land this amazing job.

Unbelievable, but true.

“Un”… “believable”…

Words create belief systems that help people get eternally stuck.  That is what human systems are very good at.

So you got stuck and found yourself on this year-long journey.  You practices “un”… “believing”… to build a new you beyond what your parents taught you.

So many workplaces foster daily built-in resistance.

Perhaps some organizations and teams should focus on unleashing greatness and human potential.

Always remember that opening spaces starts and ends with you.

If you find yourself at loss at times, go back to you, sit quietly, grow and serve.

Always remember that the universe is always ready for you.

When you feel you are ready, everything else follows, everything naturally falls into place.

Empower yourself to be in joy in your workplace.

All for now.


Tribe Leader and Founder, HRockstars



Becoming a purpose-driven Leader from @TShnall #HRockstars

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What separates the best leaders from the rest? What do they have that trumps up their success? Is it knowledge? Motivation? Money? Great leadership begins on the inside of every person. It begins w…

Johann Gauthier‘s insight:

One word to describe your post Tal: WOW!

I am really sincere when I say that this post has to be the best one you have EVER written!!!!

I can’t believe how much bliss there is in this piece… of ART!!!

Purpose, meaning, love of life, being driven and committed to something much bigger than we are.

I say yay! to you my friend!

I hope you realize what is becoming here… YOU!

You are becoming a leading industry thought leader in leadership and purpose-driven results.

I feel so privileged to be your friend and witness such a transformation and reinvention through you.

Leaders that read you are getting inspiration is its purest form!

How #infectious this piece is!

Wherever you are and do… I will always be close supporting such a gifted and talented leader you are!


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Calm connections from Elena Iacono @4Epicomm #HRockstars

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Why are we always rushing? Don’t we own our day? Start savouring the moment – our relationships depend on it.

Johann Gauthier‘s insight:

One word: spendid!

Elena Iacono speaks from the heart and reminds us how important savouring the moment really is.

Take care Elena, it is a pleasure to engage with you in the thriving #HRockstars tribe because of caring and gifted people like you!




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Leading together helps everybody win! from @TShnall #HRockstars

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Leadership is a team sport. The days of the all-powerful, know it all, single leader are over. Leadership has evolved into what I call, Shared-Leadership in almost every area of our lives: business…

Johann Gauthier‘s insight:

Another great post by my friend Tal Shnall.  Employees are more than merely employees they are remarkable brand ambassadors. Tal builds a very convincing case that when people are in the know and when they are allowed to make a difference, they do!

Huess what? The organization and individuals fourishes!

Bravo! Tal


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